Auriculotherapy FAQs

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What is Auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is a form of needleless acupuncture applied to points on the ear, with the goal of treating other parts of the body.

Imagine your brain as a computer. Inside this computer is a systemic “map” of the body.

Now what if there was “keyboard” access to this computer? We would be able to directly treat a number of problems and conditions using the brain’s computer, just by knowing how to operate its keyboard.

In a sense, this is the neurophysiological theory behind Auriculotherapy.

The nerves originating from reflex points in the ear are projected back to the brain, and as we affect those nerves, we affect outcomes in the body.

Does Ariculotherapy Hurt?

Auriculotherapy does not hurt! While auriculotherapy is essentially a type of acupuncture, needles are not used in the modern treatment modality. Instead, a very low and safe microcurrent is applied.

The microcurrent works on a frequency of 5-20 Hz. Most people feel only a tiny tingling at the ear reflex points during the treatment.

The doctor can regulate the intensity of the microcurrent, and will only treat each patient at a comfortable level.

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Do Auriculotherapy and Chiropractic and Work Together?

Chiropractic has begun its second century of service with break-through research in addictive/compulsive disorders.

Chiropractic’s natural, drug free approach has been well recognized over the past one hundred years. This approach has been used in treating a number of conditions with positive outcomes.

Included in this, is the recent finding that the Torque Release Technique has been shown to have a positive effect on brain function. This adjustment is a gentle procedure designed to have maximum benefit from minimal input.

Utilizing specific adjustments in conjunction with Auriculotherapy and nutriceuticals has given the field of addiction and compulsive disorders an alternative to current drug therapy.

This approach can be used safely with most current traditional forms of therapy.

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